The word ‘psychic’ means spiritual. It is the spiritual rather than the mental state that is the true source of balanced and accurate psychic guidance for solutions to the problems. The ‘spiritual’ is, in fact, key to accuracy. The spirit or the soul does not lie. The spirit can see beyond what is perceptible to the five physical senses or the mundane wisdom.

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The spiritual energy of the psychic can express itself through:


Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing)

Clairsentience (Clear Sensing)

Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)

Channelling (Telepathy)

Intuition (Inner Knowing)

Spirit Guides







There are many other such tools and methods that the psychics employ to guide their client seekers. The essential or the core source of guidance is the spiritual energy and the human body is just an instrument of its expression. It is like the maestro tapping the piano to play the tune. If you want to seek psychic guidance, you must repose faith in this basic premise. Not only does the psychic use his or her own spiritual energy to explore the truth, he may even seek the intervention of his guiding spirit or angel to assist and complement him or her in carrying out his or her responsibilities.

The psychic has trained, evolved and expanded his awareness to a level where he can receive more information from other sources including the astral planes and divine entities. When you see the psychics drawing astrological lines and mumbling esoteric words, be sure that it not the physical lines or the mumbo jumbo that is the real source of his predictive guidance, it is his or her psychic, spiritual abilities that truly interpret the lines and diagrams.

Similarly is the case with his or her other tools such as the tarot card readings, numerology, crystal gazing, dream interpretation and so on. The logical sequencing of your circumstances or the facts play only a limited role in helping the psychic to provide you the accurate guidance.