Although the BlueStar Spiritual Group was founded in 2015, the start of this journey goes back to 1986. It was then that my real awakening began. It is a story that is hard to believe. There are times when I still look back and reflect on my journey that I realise that what I have been through is much greater than ever I could have imagined. Although I won't go through everything, I will share some of what I have experienced which has put me on this path. My first experience was with a UFO and ET at the age of 13. Long story short, I saw a UFO, I drew what I perceived that I saw and they took the picture. It was through that which caused me to realise that there was more to life than we thought.

Although my life was all about the spiritual, my life was also very difficult growing up, as it has been for many of the Starseeds and Volunteers on the planet. Life continued on until 1986. In November of 1986, my grandmother, the closest person to me that I had ever had, was lying in a hospital basically on her deathbed. I came home from California to see her and although she had not responded to anyone for 2 and a half days, when I went in and sat on her bed, she opened her eyes and we spoke for the last time. She had already been to the other side as she told me that everything was fine and that there was no issues or problems. However, she made me promise her 2 things. Make peace with my grandfather before he passed, (which I did) and stay on the path that I was starting. Although I didn't know what she meant, it was "Yes Ma'am." She passed on the 30th of November and then on Christmas eve of 1986 my best friend Hal came over for a party with me and my roommate. We were commiserating over not being able to be home for Christmas. During the night, at 2 in the morning he informed me that I didn't come from this planet. But that I came from the stars. At 5 in the morning he and my roommate went to crash as I had to wait to take a friend to the airport. When I returned Hal was gone and I never saw him again. That is because he wasn't incarnated here. But manifested himself here to give me this message.

It was from this experience that I knew that I was different. And it started me on a journey that goes beyond anything that anyone could imagine. In August of 1989 something changed. An opening occurred within me and I began channeling. The first 2 beings I channeled was Arch Angels Gabriel and Raphael and the very next year I discovered that I was a healer. All of these things happening and I didn't take any classes or workshops. But I knowing that I was a healer, I didn't have an actual treatment so in March of 1991 I took a Reiki workshop and became a Reiki Master. That was my first and last workshop. Over the following years I continued to awaken to other abilities and awarenesses. Then in 1995 I went to a healer with a friend of mine and it was amazing. She spoke in Universal Light Language and she removed etheric implants. I thought that was so cool. She was working on both of us at the same time and just going back and forth. All of a sudden half way through she turns to me and says that my friend has a Roman helmet and that she needs my help to remove it. (I know that she really didn't need my help, but...) So I said yes and it was like a light switch was turned on. All of a sudden I could speak Light Language and remove etheric implants.

For some years things just seemed to travel lightly. I wanted to do spiritual work full time but it never seemed to happen and every time I would ask Spirit I would get the 2 answers, every single time. "When the time is right", and "In Divine Time, Divine Order and Divine Rightness." Although frustrating, life was still amazing and still unraveling. Then on Valentine's day 1999, an interesting event took place. I was in the chat room and discovered a met someone. This was the person that I had been looking for since I was 5 years of age. I had found my actual Twin Flame. Through a lot of fear and trepidation, we came together fully in March of 2000. It has been quite the journey since then. Since coming together we have been putting the pieces of the puzzle together. In 2015 I developed the "Personal Akashic Scroll", a brand new reading that was from Spirit. Initially it was only 4 pages in Word, and it has grown to now being 6 and a half pages long. So much information. Finally near the end of 2015, I was told that it was time to introduce the BlueStar Healing Method to the world. In April of 2016 we did our first workshop. This is a pure quantum healing modality that can be done in person or by distance, with the same powerful effect. Moving on to 2017 we made a move from Wellington to Dunedin and more pieces placed into the puzzle. I met some people that it was time for them to take their place. Although the BlueStar Spiritual Group was started in 2015, it was time to create the Awakening Network. Through this we bring together the very best Spiritual readers, teachers and healers. This is about creating a new energy that will move all around the planet. Join us on this amazing journey as we begin the process of changing this world.