In astrology's symbolic language, the planets represent different areas of life experience. The planets' own expression will be colored by its Zodiac sign and house position. In a birth chart, the planets are frozen in time -- 'under the influence' of signs, and in a particular house -- a synthesis of these is needed to understanding its role. But on their own, they are the major celestial bodies, each one full of mythic importance. It's important to first understand the planets and the dimension of life experience they represent.

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The Sun: The Spirit. The enduring core Self that acts as a vehicle for achieving the life mission. The Sun is the true Self radiating from the core. The Sun's energy is the center around which the personality is built.

The Moon: The Soul that holds the Spirit.
The instinctive emotional self that is the ground of a person's being. The soul's legacy of home and Mother, and the desire to create that safe place in the world. The energy that self-soothes.

Mercury: Your perceptive filter. The unique way impressions are absorbed, and what your mind alights on. The preoccupations of your life through the mind. A messenger between the soul and the material world.

Venus: How you find beauty in life, and share it with others. What qualities are you drawn to in friends and lovers? What kind of art, music and creative self-expression is nourishing to your soul.

Mars: Your sexual energy, and the thrust of action. The expression of survival instincts, agression, anger and vitality. What stirs you up to act, your passions, drive and the courage to push out into new experiences.

Jupiter: The call to grow, seek adventure, follow the path to your destiny. The cosmic champion of your dreams. Activities that broaden your horizons, fill you with faith and make you feel supported by the Universe.

Saturn: The ability to create structures that serve our highest potential. Reminds us of limitations, so that boundaries and timelines can take shape. An area where maturity is hard-won, and only comes through sustained effort , discipline and a good use of resources.

Uranus: The provocateur that brings sudden changes, and restless need for freedom. The expression of the authentic self, free from restrictions.

Neptune: The spiritual searcher that sees the truth beyond structures, time and illusions. The imaginative realm of dreams, fantasy and illusions, as part of the infinite landscape of the soul (and universe). How you find a higher meaning or personal creativity through that spiritual source.

Pluto: The intense chaperone through death and rebirth. It provokes transformation that is perceived as a threat to the Self, and experienced as totally destructive. It is key to understanding secret drives, compulsions and personal taboos below the radar of consciousness.